The Webb House Bed & Breakfast

“Comfort and Genuine Hospitality in Old Hillsborough”


The Webb House was built around a late 18th century, two-story, log-cabin core (where Polly Burke, the first Governor’s daughter, taught school for decades). In 1800, Thomas Webb built the east and west wings of the house, which remained in the Webb family until late in the 20th century.  Extensions were added in the 1830’s. A couple of additions seem to have gone-lost….causing no end of confusion for architectural historians….but welcome to old houses. It remains that the house has two staircases (none of the upstairs rooms connects with the others), five fireplaces, seven floor-levels, seven outside entrances….and, yes, seven gables.

In the early 2000’s, the house was completely restored (winning the state’s Preservation Award for the year) and operated as a successful Bed & Breakfast before being privately sold.

The Webb House sits on a 1-acre property in the middle of Hillsborough’s Historic District, within a very easy walking distance (2 blocks at most?) of the many restaurants, galleries, and shops (and, for that matter, old cemeteries) on Churton Street (Hillsborough’s main and only thoroughfare).  And, yes…..this may be the only website on the planet that is not lying when it announces “Within easy walking distance”). The urban attractions and delights of Chapel Hill and Durham are within 15 or so minutes’ driving-time.

Information concerning Hillsborough’s many restaurants, galleries, and shops (along with information concerning the town’s many events) can be found here.

I’m awfully happy (having been here for five years) to be re-opening The Webb House as a Bed & Breakfast, in addition to its serving as a venue for public and private events and gatherings.  I should emphasize that, as a well-known (is that sufficiently modest?) artist, I live and work at home….which is to say that the house also operates as my studio and gallery.  For titillating details, go to my website:

All available rooms have private entrances from the exterior of the house, complete security (interior & exterior deadbolts, etc), gas fireplaces, en-suite & modern bathrooms (sort of a rarity, to say the least, in 18th-century houses), separate thermostats, individual refrigerators, and coffee-makers. Following the stern directions of several of my female friends, I also just bought irons and ironing boards and make-up mirrors (huh?) and shower-caddies…..and all sorts of things one doesn’t know about if one didn’t grow up with bossy sisters. Please inquire as to details regarding amenities.

And, yes, I know…..B&B websites are supposed to be written in that weirdly dislocated third-person narrative (which, I hope, fools no one). It remains that I live and work here.

Thank you,

David Terry
The Webb House
117 E Queen Street
Hillsborough, NC 27278
(919) 245-0087

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